Cloud Migration

Figuring out the reasons for cloud migration on your own is generally very time consuming, as it involves various parameters to consider, some of them are:

  • Increasing traffic that demands scaling of application with no downtime
  • Reducing cost of infrastructure managed in-house
  • Ever increasing storage needs with business expansion
  • Managing widely distributed development teams
  • Better resiliency with appropriate disaster recovery plan
  • Seamless upgrade of system resources with minimal down-time
  • Shifting IT expenditure to pay-as-you-go model to handle CapEx and OpEx better
  • And more…

We are geared up to provide right solution by assessing your organization’s digital assets, services, IT resources and/or applications. Visit out Cloud Consulting offering for details.

A few steps to help assessing your needs better...

Conduct Application Discovery Workshop: A very critical step to list down all the applications, their availability requirements, their business criticality and their inter dependencies with other applications

Workloads identification: More precisely to identify current business operating workloads and provision to scale over the cloud to meet your service demands effectively.

  • Application Assessment – in collaboration with your development team, an assessment of in-house applications will be carried out, which includes, application design complexities, integration complexities, host operating systems, databases etc.
  • Network architecture includes hardware (e.g., servers, storage, and networking), software, connectivity, communication protocols and the mode of transmission, such as wired (LAN) or wireless (WAN), security/firewall need to be assessed.

Risk AssessmentAmong many risk, few are outlined here, i.e. 

  • Handling sensitive data over cloud, 
  • Legal obligations moving proprietary software to cloud
  • Latency consideration while accessing application over internet
  • Identify changes needed to host in a distributed cloud environment

Cost Benefit Analysis:  of proposed solutions is one of the key decision factor. It would highlight the benefits of moving to cloud environment based on current CapEx and OpeEx

Proof of Concepts: One of the important steps before starting the project. It helps us validate solution approach, assumptions and implementation challenges

A routine assessment of your cloud infrastructure is key to help your business running . Please visit Cloud Operation and Support for handling your on-going needs.

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