Crowd Funding

CrowdfundingAn organization that funds people across the globe in various countries covering variious sectors with intent to uplift the socioeconomic level of the people. These funding was sanctioned by local partner with repayment options, such as weekly, monthly and bullet.

Business Challenges

Based on the historical data client was  looking to predict how worthy a funding is in different countries, regions, sectors.

Our Solution

The challenge was to classify each funding as worthy or non-worthy. After a detailed analysis of the data, we came up with a logic to find worthiness of every funding done in the past. After testing the model, we built a solution for the customer as illustrated below:

Crowdfunding Model

We also built business dashboard containing various reports based on processed data using Tableau.

Key Benefits

  • Identify key countries, region, sectors to invest.
  • Reporting based on processed data
Crowd Funding