Data Science

Better business decision with actionable insights.

We help you to get better insights from your data to take informed decisions.

Data Science Framework

Our Offerings

We have expertise in dealing with Data in any format, Data cleansing & Munging, Visualization & Reporting and building analytics models using various tools and technologies.

  • Data Collection: Collect data from various heterogeneous data sources like Internet, Databases, Files, emails in structured or unstructured format
  • Data Transformation: Transform the data by parsing and enriching based on business requirements
  • Data Loading: Load data using standard data loading process, for operational purposes
  • Data Storage: Store data into Database or Data Warehouses for data reconciliation and management reporting
  • Data Cleansing: Removal of unwanted data, Data merging and Aggregation
  • Data Imputation: Covers Missing value treatment, Outlier treatment, Principle Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Exploratory Analytics: Data Visualization to view patterns & trends from raw data
  • Data Sampling: Prepare Train, Test and Validation Data sets
  • Model Building: Covers model identification, applying model, verifying model parameters and accuracy
  • Model Testing: With Test and Validation Data sets to ensure robustness of model
  • Model Refinement: Covers trying other models to improve model accuracy
  • Model Deployment: Deploying model in live environment
  • Business Dashboard: Covers Business Key Performance Indicators
  • Periodic Reports: Covers Scheduled Operational reports based on operations requirements
  • Ad hoc Reports: On Demand Reports to support any investigation or any historical data analysis
  • Report Delivery: Via Online Portal, Emails in various formats like HTML, PDF, XLSX

Our Expertise

We have expertise in open source tools and various off the shelf solutions from leading technology providers. Our home-grown data science accelerators help in expedite the overall delivery cycle time and ensures successful delivery of solution.

IBM Watson