Digital Marketing

Revenue Growth with Digital Marketing

In Digital economy “Content is King” and Digital Marketing is the preferred way for Enterprises to reach out to their customers in most efficient way. We help you to acquire new customers and retain them by understanding their needs, providing them right information about Products & Services to satisfy their needs and Enterprises marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing Framework

Our Offerings

Web Analytics and Social Media Analytics allows us knowing customer behavior and with targeted marketing we help Enterprises deliver value to customers and maintain relationship by offering better products and services.

  • KPIs: Define KPIs to be tracked
  • Sources: Define sources which needs to be tracked to collect KPIs
  • Audiences: Define Audience to be reached and engaged
  • SEO & SEM: Content optimization, Keyword selection, Website Analytics (using Google Analytics)
  • Social Media Marketing: SMM using FB Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, Twitter Analytics etc.
  • Content Marketing: Work with content provider and help Publishing & Distributing content for target audiences
  • Multi-Channel Funnel: Analyze various channel took part in lead to convertion and optimize the campaign
  • KPI Correlation: Evaluate various KPIs and their impact to other KPIs
  • Target Audiences: Evaluate Target Audiences based on KPI performance
  • Marketing Budget: ROI Analysis, Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Audience Targeting: Analyze customer segments and define new target audiences

Our Expertise

We have expertise in various Analytics platforms to name a few Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics. Apart from these platform we have expertise in web scraping to explore various valuable information available on the web.

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