Face Recognition

Face RecognitionAn institution, organizes healthcare camps to spread awareness of multiple deceases, their symptoms, treatment possibilities and medical aid. As part of the registration process they collect demographic data along with patient’s pictures and this data is fed into their EMR (Electronic Medical Record) application for future references.

Business Challenges

Besides the built-in capability to search patients based on their basic demographic information, there was a need to recognize patients via their face to avoid duplicate registration


Our Solution

Our solution ensures uniqueness and accuracy of patient’s data. We implemented face recognition algorithm using OpenBR (Open Source Biometric Recognition) to train our model with collected images and built an interface to accept a face image and check against the model to get the patient’s records that matches the supplied image.

Face Recognition Model

Key Benefits

  • Identify patients and retrieve their details by their picture
  • Unique customer data ensures benefits/aid are used judiciously


Face Recognition